ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit

ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit 2.1

Developers can run VBScript program without invoking the Windows Scripting Host
2.1 (See all)
ActiveXperts Software B.V.

ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit enables Software Developers to run VBScript program or a command-line tool without invoking the Windows Scripting Host or console window. With ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit, VBScript programs and command-line tools can be invoked from any application or script. The ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit directly communicates with the VBScript Engine of the operating system.

The ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit component can be used by any of these development/scripting languages:
- Microsoft Visual Studio .NET: Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET, ASP .NET
- Microsoft Visual Studio: Visual Basic 5.x or higher, Visual C 5.x or higher
- Borland Delphi 7.x or higher, Borland C Builder 6.x or higher
- ASP 2.x, HTML, Javascript
- VBScript
- Any other development platform that supports ActiveX/COM components

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